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Escape The Grip of Anxiety: Your Journey to Inner Peace Begins Here!

50% Less Burnout
99% Less Anxiety, and
Become 100% You
with OurExperiential Clarity Call
Useing Cutting Edge
"Advance Neuroplasticity Framework"
In Just 60 Minutes


"Still hesitating? Picture yourself six months from now. Do you want to look back with regret, or with pride at how far you've come? Seize this opportunity to invest in yourself and transform your life today. Your future self will thank you."

Here Are Five Secrets You Need To Learn To Regain Control of Your Mind and Body

Understanding Neuroplasticity

Learn how to rewire your brain's neural pathways to break free from anxious thought patterns and habitual stress responses.

Mind-Body Connection Mastery

Discover the profound connection between your mental and physical well-being, and how to leverage it to achieve holistic health and balance.

Emotional Regulation Techniques

Explore powerful strategies to manage and regulate your emotions effectively, reducing anxiety triggers and promoting inner calmness.

Mindfulness Practices for Daily Life

Incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine to cultivate present-moment awareness, enhance resilience, and reduce the impact of stressors on your mind and body.

Self-Empowerment through Clarity

Gain clarity on your values, goals, and aspirations, empowering yourself to make conscious choices that align with your true essence and lead to fulfillment and joy.

Our Success Stories


Sanjeev Bastia

Rilway Employee, Orisa

I had a wonderful seassion with Amit Sir. I learnt lots of amazing things such as Maintain Positive STATE of mind, Rock Solid Confident Action Taker and how to delete unwanted sounds from life. Now I feel calm and cool.



MBBS Student, Raipur

It was a very gud experience talking to sir ,,,he listens very calmly to the prblm and helps to come out of it, and best part is I creacked my NEET after his guidence without any panic and anxiety. Tones of thanks sir....



IT Professional 

He is a great man with a great insight, he helped me a lot in overcoming my anxiety, thanks to him now i can think clearly with a relaxed and refreshed mind, improved my focus and concentration.


Abhinav Jain

Architect, Delhi

Hi Amit ji, you are really good at your profession. Your approch is like a magic. Thanks to your therapy, I am now comfortable sitting for long periods of time without any pain and discomfort.


Harshadeep Seal

Pharma Student, Asam

First of all, it was a life changing experience. He is a kind of person who will make you realise the power you had and his approach of doing this is the best. He is totally compassionate. Blessed to have a mentor like him. Anyone having skeptical thoughts, don't think twice, just go for it. You'll never regret this decision ever in you life.


Anil Kumar

Self Employee, Ranchi 

I can't express how helpful the sessions have been. It has greatly improved my mental health. Reduceed my stress, insomnia and loneliness. Now I have agin start working towards my goals and purpose. Thank you thank you thank you very much sir, I am very greatful


Shipra Gupta

Interior Designer, Chattisgarh 

I am really glad and thankful of God that I met you for my problems. You are the reason I am smiling again and looking towards my future. This time without any uncertainty I am planning for tomorrow. Bcoz Amit sir made me believe on me & the power of my brain. Thanx a ton sir.



HR Professional, Mumbai

It was a wonderful experience with Mind Guru Amit. He made it sure in the beginning that whatever issues I face will make it solve at the end of the session. It was a magical therapy. One must definitely concern him for all sorts of difficulty of mind, I am glad I connected him. Thanks a lot.



Medical Student, Amritsar 

It was wonderful experience with Amit Sir ..!Excellent way of counselling ...very friendly , positive ,interactive &Expert ..i will recommend highly to those who are going to stressful phases of their life .

In just 60-Minute, You Will Start To

  • Transform your mindset and break free from the shackles of anxiety and burnout.
  • Empower yourself with proven techniques to regain control of your mental and emotional well-being.
  • Experience profound shifts in your thought patterns and behavior through neuroplasticity-based interventions.
  • Discover the keys to unlocking inner peace, resilience, and vitality in just 60 minutes.
  • Take charge of your life and embark on a journey towards lasting happiness and fulfillment.

When You Become A Part of The Journey, You Can Say Goodbye To

  • 1. Anxiety and Panic Attacks: By gaining clarity on triggers and effective coping mechanisms, individuals can reduce or eliminate anxiety and panic attacks from their lives.
  • 2. Chronic Stress: Through understanding their priorities and developing stress management techniques, people can significantly reduce chronic stress and its negative impacts on their health and well-being.
  • 3. Overwhelm and Burnout: By clarifying goals, boundaries, and self-care practices, individuals can eliminate overwhelm and burnout, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.
  • 4. Negative Self-Talk: Through gaining insight into their thought patterns and beliefs, people can eliminate negative self-talk and cultivate a more positive and empowering inner dialogue.
  • 5. Unfulfilling Relationships: By gaining clarity on values and communication styles, individuals can eliminate toxic or unfulfilling relationships from their lives and cultivate healthier connections.
  • 6. Directionless Pursuits: Through identifying passions, strengths, and purpose, individuals can eliminate directionless pursuits and focus their energy on meaningful goals and aspirations.
  • 7. Limiting Beliefs: By challenging and reframing limiting beliefs, individuals can eliminate self-imposed barriers and unlock their full potential for personal and professional growth.
  • 8. Procrastination and Inaction: Through clarifying priorities and setting actionable goals, individuals can eliminate procrastination and take consistent steps towards realizing their dreams.
  • 9. Lack of Clarity and Confusion: By gaining clarity on values, priorities, and aspirations, individuals can eliminate confusion and uncertainty, paving the way for confident decision-making and progress.
  • 10. Feelings of Stagnation: Through setting clear intentions and creating a roadmap for growth, individuals can eliminate feelings of stagnation and create momentum towards a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Know About The Mentor


Amit Chaturvedi

Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Life and Mindset Coach, Wellness Expert and Motivational Speaker

Meet Amit Chaturvedi, also known as Mind Guru Amit, a visionary in mental wellness. With over 12 years of expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis, he founded the Advance Neuroplasticity Framework (ANF) to revolutionize mental health.
Former Nursing Officer turned transformative coach, Amit merges decades of medical insight with cutting-edge therapies to help clients conquer anxiety, depression, and burnout.
A dynamic writer, speaker, and influencer, Amit's wisdom resonates globally. From captivating talks to innovative solutions, he's committed to empowering individuals to master their minds and lead lives of purpose and abundance.

Bonuses Worth Rs. 18196/-


Discover effective strategies to overcome anxiety and regain control of your life.
Gain insights and practical tips to manage stress, cultivate calmness, and promote overall well-being.


Assess your current level of happiness and identify areas for improvement.
Receive personalized recommendations and action steps to enhance your overall happiness and life satisfaction.

A Complete Video Training Series "Mastering Mindfulness in Daily Life" - INR 9999/- with 7 Days Access

Learn how to integrate mindfulness practices into your daily routine for greater peace and presence.
Gain valuable tools and techniques to reduce stress, increase focus, and cultivate a deeper sense of fulfillment in your life.

75 Days Gratitude Challange "GratitutdeGlow- Illuminate Your blessings" INR 4199/-

Embark on a transformative journey of gratitude to shift your focus towards abundance and positivity. Cultivate a mindset of appreciation and discover the profound impact of gratitude on your overall well-being and happiness.